Managing Syndicate Services

As previously described in the Overview section, Syndicate can be composed of four primary parts:

Metadata Service

The metadata service is designed to run on Google’s AppEngine, and can be run either on that cloud infrastructure, or locally on the GAE development environment.

In many cases, you may not need to run a Metadata Service, and may be able to use one provided by OpenCloud.


Syndicate uses 3 kinds of gateways to get data into and out of volumes:

Content Delivery Network

Used to accelerate data access to volumes, in the OpenCloud deployment scenario. By placing a CDN node on your network (as a part of the OpenCloud project), data is kept closer to where it is used, which improves data access latency and overall bandwidth.

Administrative tools

syndicate command

The primary administrative tool is named syndicate, and is used to manage the Metadata Service (MS), users, volumes, and gateways.